Managment Concept
To import high-quality and effective health care and cosmetic products and provide consumers with a "healthy, beautiful and active" life
Strategic Alliance
As a foundation for multi-channel,  marketing, distribution, agent and  private brand, with the major international suppliers to form a "network of international strategic alliances", the use of innovative marketing, information integration and collaboration strategies to meet customer needs .
G.A.I.E. Recommendation
The current focuses are on health care, cosmetic and biotechnology. More recently, we are join venturing with the top domestic biotech research groups to develop new products. The new product lines are to focus on human health.
Future Prospects

1. Strategic alliances with international partners in information sharing.

2. Turn the company-driven marketing to customers-driven marketing

3. Strengthen customer relationship, professional marketing plan designed for the customer to provide consumers the best products and services.