G.A.I.E. Biomedical Technologies Limited was established in 1969, distributing medical and healthcare products. In 1997, we introduced high quality and effective products for health care, skin care, and cosmetic in order to establish a “healthy, beautiful, and active” life style for consumers.
BU1 : Reponsible for selling healthcare products and medical equipment in various chain stores including pharmacies, drug stores, and medical equipment stores. We have excellent relatedships with those customers.
BU2 : Transforming business models from an importing agency to a professional agency. Activities includes expanding current channel to the general pharmacies, chain pharmacies, Beauty Boutique, chain convenience stores, department stores, supermarkets stores, TVshopping channel ...etc.
Marketing Planning Dept :  Marketing Planning Dept: Introducing foreign agencies, managing brands, designing product, pricing strategy and services, planning and evaluation of strategies.
HQ :  Responsible for the integration of all functional units and support all business units to create team synergy.